Our mission is to speak as a single voice for the whole of the Timber Industry Supply Chain. We shall campaign to improve the business landscape to grow the use of timber and develop a vibrant and increasingly prosperous industry.

The CTI Mission Statement


The Confederation of Timber Industries is an umbrella organisation, representing the UK's Timber supply chain from Forest to end of life recycling.

The CTI represents Producers, Manufacturers and Distributors of Timber across all the supply chain.

Our membership includes large Multinational Companies as well as key Trade Associations, NGOs and Research Institutes.

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Timber contributes substantially to the UK Construction, Manufacturing and Service Industries, providing jobs across the skills spectrum and adding value of ca. £20bn to the UK economy.

Our industries represent the only sustainable supply chain on the planet that embodies and constructs with carbon.

Building with Carbon and growing our low carbon economy is the future.

Concrete and Steel defined the first Industrial Revolution. Responsibly sourced Timber will come to define the second.



Our Team

  • Roy Wakeman OBE

    CTI Chairman

    CEO and Chairman at The Performance Timber Products Group

    [email protected]

  • Liam Macandrew

    Project and Policy Manager

    Policy and Project Manager for the Confederation of Timber Industries

    @CTI_timber[email protected]

  • David Hopkins

    CTI Director

    Managing Director of Timber Trade Federation (TTF)

    [email protected]

  • Helen Hewitt

    CTI Director

    Chief Executive of British Woodworking Federation (BWF)

    @HewittHelen[email protected]

  • Andrew Carpenter

    CTI Director

    Chief Executive of Structural Timber Association (STA)

    [email protected]

  • Alex Goodfellow

    CTI Director

    Group Managing Director of Stewart Milne Timber Systems

    [email protected]

  • Stephen King

    CTI Director

    Commercial Director at SCA Timber Supply Ltd

    [email protected]

  • Gordon Ewbank

    CTI DIrector

    Chief Executive of the Wood Protection Association

    [email protected]

  • Andrew Madge

    CTI Director

    Managing Director at Gowercroft Joinery Ltd

    [email protected]