BSRIA Chief on Brexit aftermath: "Construction Industry to remain confident and optimistic'

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BSRIA Chief on Brexit aftermath: "Construction Industry to remain confident and optimistic'

One month after the EU referendum, the Building Services Research and Information Association (BSRIA) has launched a positive message to members and stakeholders saying the construction industry should remain confident and optimistic about the opportunities out there for existing and new industry projects.

Nonetheless, BSRIA will be offering extra service to members to help them tackle the new political and economical scenario.

Julia Evans, Chief Executive, BSRIA, commented: “Now that the dust has settled from the Brexit decision – for BSRIA it is definitely business as usual – we are where we are. There are opportunities out there for our members to garner new work and deals – we all just need to find them.

Against a backdrop of political and ‘economic spaghetti’ BSRIA can lead and support its members into a bright new future. It is a brave new world. We appreciate there is certainly political turmoil, noise and volatility in Westminster – but BSRIA needs to join in this debate."

Ms Evans added: "As an industry – we must now start to shape future policy. Indeed it is a chance to revise industry regulations and to renegotiate the framework for the future and find new trade rules.

We need to protect what has already been invested in and make the most of our assets, especially investments and buildings. And ensure that investors have confidence in our industry.

I was especially encouraged to learn that government ministers have begun efforts to reassure industry leaders that housing and infrastructure spending will not drop and in fact both will become ‘more important, not less’ after Brexit. The Mayor of London has also announced to boost housing.”

Industry cannot afford any period of parliamentary inaction and uncertainty on non-EU related issues, whether two years or more in length, and BSRIA seeks urgent reassurance from government that this will not be the case."


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