ETTF releases special Newsletter focused on FLEGT licensing

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ETTF releases special Newsletter focused on FLEGT licensing

The European Timber Trade Federation (ETTF) has issued a special edition of its Newsletter, specifically focused on FLEGT licensing.

The Newsletter - available here - marks the announcement that Indonesia will issue the first legality assurance FLEGT licences for timber and wood exports to the EU on 15 November 2016.

It also offers details from the JIC announcement and looks at the background and development of the Indonesia-EU VPA featuring an exclusive interview with EC Environmental Commissioner Karmenu Vella and reaction to the news and comment on expected market impacts of FLEGT licensing from across the EU trade.

Finally, the Newsletter shows the latest FLEGT VPA developments in Ghana and reports the launch of the FLEGT information point website

"It has taken time to get here, resulting in a dip in FLEGT licensing awareness in the marketplace", said ETTF Secretary General André de Boer. "It has been a huge undertaking by Indonesia and the EU and hopefully will now give the wider FLEGT Voluntary Partnership  agreement initiative, and other suppliers involved, renewed impetus".

Mr de Boer added: "Indonesia’s success is just the start of the FLEGT licensing journey. We must also maintain pressure for strict, uniform enforcement of the EUTR EU-wide. Any weakness here is a disincentive to supply and buy FLEGT-licensed timber."

"That's why we need a virtuous trading circle with rigorous EUTR enforcement driving demand for FLEGT-licensed timber."


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