EU Papermakers write letter to Commission: "Too many loopholes in EUTR"

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EU Papermakers write letter to Commission: "Too many loopholes in EUTR"

The Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI) and the European Federation for Print and Digital Communications (INTERGRAF) have jointly written to the European Commission raising their concerns on the confused application of the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR).

Commenting on the recent EUTR report issued by the Commission, the two organisations underlined how "a number of different timber-based products are not covered by the current legislation." In particular, the most concerning loophole is the exemption for printed products, such as books, magazines and other products of the Printing Industry.

"Printers in the UK, quite rightly, are required to ensure the legality of the paper they use. Yet printers outside the European Union, that can be based in locations where illegally harvested timber products are present, have no such requirement – even when they are exporting to the UK", the UK Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) added.

"While this exemption has never been sensible, the increasing imports of printed materials from potentially problematic areas means the loophole needs to be closed. As part of the consultation process to inform the review, a wide range of environmental and industry groups called for this issue to be addressed, and it is disappointing to see no proposals in the review", the UK Papermakers organisation concluded.

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