TTF reaction to Brexit vote: Monitoring market volatility and supporting the EUTR

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TTF reaction to Brexit vote: Monitoring market volatility and supporting the EUTR

David Hopkins, Managing Director of the Timber Trade Federation (TTF) has assured that the new scenario post-Brexit vote won't affect projects and strategy of the Federation.

In particular the Federation has pledged to monitor market volatility and keep supporting the EU Timber Trade Regulation (EUTR).

In a statement issued this morning, Mr Hopkins underlined that "the TTF will continue working with all European trade association partners to reassure them that the UK is still a strong market which is very much open for business, and that we will maintain strong market relations regardless of volatility."

"We have also been in contact with the Government, its agencies and enforcement bodies, the European Commission and others. On this, I would like to remind all members that EUTR is now a matter of UK law – regardless of the EU initials at the front! – and is still being enforced in the UK and across the EU. It is a sensible risk-based regulation and an approach we continue to support", he added.

TTF Managing Director also highlighted that "regardless of last week’s vote, it is inconceivable that the UK will want to be seen to be weakening rules against illegal logging. From formal and informal discussions we’ve had with UK officials the mood seems to be to prove that the UK can continue with strong regime of environmental regulation, whether in or out of EU." Similarly, TTF members and contractors "will be maintaining the strictest environmental and responsible sourcing standards regardless of the UK position in EU."

Mr Hopkins concluded his note with an appeal to unity and collaboration within the UK timber industry: "We have been in regular close contact with all of our UK timber trade association partners including the BWF and STA. Together we are working as the CTI to ensure that we maintain a strong, united, timber voice in the ensuing debate.

Our parliamentary and public affairs work will be focused on improving education & training, expanding our timber manufacturing base and putting skilled timber jobs back at the heart of the construction sector and our communities.

In or out of Europe, we must now work together to give us the best chance of a successful future.”


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