'UK Corrugated Industry helps Retailers to cut their carbon footprint', CPI underlines

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'UK Corrugated Industry helps Retailers to cut their carbon footprint', CPI underlines

According to the latest figures reported by the Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI), UK Corrugated Industry's is increasingly contributing to help retailers cut their carboon footprint.

CPI's data show that average corrugated board weight has declined from 527gsm in 2005 to 464gsm in 2015, maximising storage and reducing transport costs.

Efficient production and packaging optimisation go hand in hand with sustainability. In this context, re-use and recycling are gaining in importance: over 80% of corrugated is recycled, and new UK boxes are made from more than 75% recycled material. Where new fibre is used, it typically comes from sustainably managed forests. This commitment to responsible forest management has made a huge contribution to the increase in the size of Europe’s forests (up by 30% since 1950).

Corrugated Industry is also steadily regaining lost ground as the UK economy emerged from the downturn. CPI reported that the total area of corrugated board produced by its Members rose by 4% in 2015 compared to 2010.

CPI’s Director of Packaging Affairs, Andy Barnetson, commented: “Corrugated box makers are helping to meet demand from consumers and retailers for attractive and sustainable packaging. The industry is doing more with less by taking effective steps to hold its own in a fiercely competitive global market."

“New technological advances have enabled papers to be made stronger, meaning that lighter weights can be used for the same roles. Combined with novel fluting grades, this makes for significant space savings in transit and storage. Corrugated will continue to evolve and adapt to the challenges ahead.”


[News URL: http://www.cti-timber.org/content/uk-corrugated-industry-helps-retailers-cut-their-carbon-footprint-cpi-underlines]