Wood For Good conference on Innovative Timber Houses | 3 May 2016 | Edinburgh

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Wood For Good conference on Innovative Timber Houses | 3 May 2016 | Edinburgh

The first Wood for Good Spring 2016 conference - The Innovative Timber House: The New Architecture of Wood? - will take place on Tuesday 3 May 2016 at the King Khalid Building in Edinburgh.

The conference programme is designed to offer valuable insights to architects, engineers, planners, construction and housing professionals operating in, or supplying to, the Scottish and UK housing markets.

"In the fast changing and highly competitive world of housing design and construction, speed of innovation is increasingly recognised as the only sustainable advantage and one that can be met by the distinctive benefits provided by new timber solutions", say the organisers.

"Demand for new housing throughout the UK is rising inexorably and with it the need for new approaches to housebuilding that also address the funding and land acquisition challenges which, in their interaction, can stimulate urgently needed innovative design and manufacturing solutions. Modern housing design also requires sophisticated responses to changing demographics, continuously rising building standards and the integration of smart technologies as well as answers to environmental concerns and the better utilisation of indigenous resources such as timber."

To register to the event, visit https://woodforgood-innovativetimberhouse.eventbrite.co.uk. For further information, it is also possible to contact Peter Wilson at [email protected] or 0131 554 8643.

The Innovative Timber House is part of Wood for Good’s Spring 2016 conference programme. Through the course of four one-day events to be held in different parts of the UK during May and June, a series of separate but interconnected housing themes will be explored in detail.

Each one-day conference will investigate the latest developments and innovations in the use of timber products and construction systems and their relationship to other complementary areas of building technology and energy use.

The complete list of Wood for Good workshops is available here.


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