Woodland Trust to plant 4 million trees in 2016

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Woodland Trust to plant 4 million trees in 2016

The Woodland Trust - UK largest woodland conservation charity - has pledged to plant 4 million trees in 2016, 1.5 million more than in 2015.

Whether put into practise, the plan would create 2,000 ha of new woodlands in the UK.

As announced in the Annual Review 2015, the Woodland Trust will also "fight to preserve the 588 ancient woods currently at risk from inappropriate development and grow a 250-strong network of volunteer 'threat spotters' to stick up for trees and woods".

Thirdly, the Trust has committed to restore 3,000 ha of degraded ancient woodland, "gradually thinning non-native conifer plantations so that broadleaf trees and wildlife can bounce back".

The Trust already owns more than 1,000 woods and is planning to expand its estate by almost 10% a year on average. The charity will also work to create 10 geographical 'focus areas' to target regions where "we are able to make the biggest possible impact on woodland habitats and wildlife"

Read the Woodland Trust Annual Review 2015 and the 10-year strategic plan.


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