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CTI teams up with Explore Offsite Futures 2016 to promote innovative construction solutions

The Confederation of Timber Industries is pleased to partner with Explore Offsite Futures 2016.

The event - to take place on 24 November at the NEC, Birmingham - will see approximately 200 delegates and an exhibition of up to 30 companies, all from a range sectors that incorporate offsite construction in their construction practice, using timber frame, light steel frame, precast concrete, bathroom pods, volumetric buildings, prefabricated building services plus CLT, glulam and a variety of hybrid technologies. 

Exploring the benefits of offsite construction is critical as this method has a lot to offer - including speed of build, design flexibility, sustainability, minimal wastage of materials and a safer, cleaner site.

The need for faster, leaner and smarter construction is becoming more and more relevant in the UK considering that only 63% of site based developments are completed on time and an even smaller 49% is delivered on budget.

Offsite construction is not only used in housing but has also experienced mainstream success in many other sectors such as schools, healthcare, student accommodation, hotels, MOD as well as major retailers including Tesco, Sainsbury’s and McDonald’s.

Benedetto Antuono, CTI Communications Coordinator, said: "Once again, this partnership with Explore Offsite Futures shows CTI's commitment to promoting excellence and innovation across the whole Timber & Construction Industry."

"Offsite construction represents an extremely interesting and fast-developing sector, providing a rapid, cost-effective and quality assured alternative to traditional construction methods. With the UK's constant appetite for new houses, it's really the right time to discuss new solutions and opportunities. Explore Offsite Futures goes in that direction."


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BWF and TTF confirm support to CTI project: "We need to speak with a single voice"

In a recent interview to the Timber Trades Journal, two UK Timber Industry leading figures, Ian McIlvwee and David Hopkins, expressed their views on the future of the Confederation of Timber Industries (CTI).

After a period of internal reorganisation, the CTI will present a new strategy at its inaugural Westminster Parliamentary Conference in Autumn 2016 along with three policy reports.

"The timing of our joining the CTI couldn't have been better", said Ian McIlwee, Chief Executive of the British Woodworking Federation. "The BWF has long advocated that the (timber) supply chain needs to work together more effectively and it has always been practical rather than philosophical differences that prevented progress. For too often the wood industry supply chain has been fragmented and this has held back much needed research and made us appear disjointed."

Mr McIlwee added: "Wood is pretty special stuff and we are an industry made up of an array of brilliant businesses from SMEs to multi-nationals - we must do all we can to help our legislators to understand the value we deliver and legislate to preserve this. Through the CTI, the broader consideration of the advantages of timber can be trumpeted afresh. The new Timber All Party Parliamentary Group provides a powerful vehicle to engage with a range of MPs, who are, over the coming weeks, likely to be shifted into new unfamiliar roles. They will be eager to understand the core issues around skills, value and sustainability and hear our perspective."

"We are certainly excited about working through the CTI to drive the positive change and build a strong and sustainable wood culture and economy in the UK", BWF Chief concluded.

David Hopkins, Managing Director of the Timber Trade Federation, is on the same wavelength. "With the policy ground shifting beneath our feet, it is important that the timber sector stands up to make its own voice known in this debate", said Mr Hopkins. "We have a lot to offer but, to do this effectively, we must stand together as a united timber supply chain. That is why it has been so important that BWF has now joined the Confederation of Timber Industries (CTI) as an equal partner with STA and TTF." 

TTF MD added: "Working together we will be using the umbrella of the CTI as a focal point for our public affairs work, to promote the opportunity that the timber sector offers as a high-performance, low-carbon growth sector. Each trade association is already leading on a variety of issues, together we can present them as a single voice."


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