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Alex Goodfellow appointed as CTI Director

Alex Goodfellow, Group Managing Director of Stewart Milne Timber Systems, has been appointed as Director of the Confederation of Timber Industries [CTI].

The CTI was launched in June 2015 and has, for the first time, brought together all aspects of the Timber industry’s supply chain, from sawmilling and timber distribution, through to paper and furniture manufacturing and timber construction. This pan-industry approach will enable the supply chain to have one voice when it comes to tackling common issues that will have an impact on the future of this important business sector.

Alex Goodfellow was appointed Group Managing Director - Stewart Milne Timber Systems in 2011 and has more than 30 years of experience in the new homes and construction sectors. He has played important strategic roles in the growth of the Group’s homes and timber systems divisions, having held senior positions in both areas of the business. Alex is also a leading figure within the national timber frame industry and is currently the Commercial Committee Chair of the Structural Timber Association.

His key role on the CTI Board will be to represent the structural timber industry as the CTI develops its strategy for engaging with the wider construction industry to improve overall economic growth, provide robust options to combat the skills shortage and maximise the use of sustainable timber through education, awareness of the benefits and support.

Alex Goodfellow said: “I am delighted to join the Board and support the CTI in maximising the value of timber in the market.  I believe my expertise in the housing and construction sectors, gained over the last 30 years will add to the Boards overall expertise and support the CTI’s strategic goals. I am looking forward to contributing to the CTI’s vital work in expanding the use of timber in UK construction, especially in the housing market where there are so many valuable benefits.”

Andrew Carpenter, Structural Timber Association (STA) CEO said: “We are very pleased to help the CTI drive the supply chain agenda on economic growth and happy to support our Commercial Committee Chair in his new role. Our vision is to see the UK construction industry increase the use of structural timber, thereby bringing further success to all stakeholders across the entire timber supply chain. We believe Alex will help to not only promote structural timber but also to raise the bar in sustainability, quality, innovation and skills and training within the sector.”

CTI Chairman Peter Hindle MBE added: “I am very grateful to Alex for accepting my offer to take up the new position on our Board. Alex will add significant expertise to the CTI Board through his sector leading roles within Stewart Milne and the STA. He will also provide unique insights into one of the fastest growing markets in the timber supply chain and we are looking forward to a very constructive relationship.”

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CTI Chief Executive joins Trade Association Forum Board

The Trade Association Forum (TAF) has announced that Dirk Vennix, Chief Executive of the Confederation of Timber Industries, joins the Board with immediate effect as non-executive director. Dirk Vennix will represent the 1-10 staff band of membership subsequent to a formal election process amongst TAF membership to fill the vacancy after the previous incumbent stood down.

Since its formation in 1997, the Trade Association Forum has been encouraging the development and sharing of best practice among UK trade associations and promoting the role of effective trade associations to government, industry and the wider public. TAF represents more than 300 trade associations and membership organisations.

Linda Cavender, General Manager of Trade Association Forum, said: “I am delighted Dirk has been appointed to serve on the TAF Board – I am certain that he will bring a great deal of experience to the table and complement the rest of the TAF Board to great effect.  I very much look forward to working with him.”

Dirk Vennix said: “I have always been a strong supporter and user of TAF services over the years and I know from personal experience that the forum provides invaluable advice and resources for many trade bodies. This is an exciting period for the Trade Association Forum with the upcoming review of the Forum’s vision and strategy which will determine its future direction. I am looking forward to helping TAF grow in terms of membership and revenue streams as well as providing members in the 1-10 staff band with any support they need on strategy, communications campaigns, stakeholder engagement and issues management.”

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Peter Hindle MBE appointed as first CTI Chairman

Peter Hindle MBE has been appointed as the first Chairman of the newly formed Trade Association, the Confederation of Timber Industries [CTI], as of 1 September 2015.

The CTI has, for the first time, brought together all aspects of the Timber industry’s supply chain, from forestry, sawmilling and timber distribution, through to paper and furniture manufacturing, pallets and pellet production, and construction and architectural use. This pan-industry approach will enable all those involved in the timber industry to come together to tackle common issues with a collaborative approach that will be fundamental for the future of this important industry.

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CTI blog post - Newborn CTI takes first steps

We have just launched our open blog (ctitimber.wordpress.com) to share news, comments and ideas about Timber Supply Chain.

In the first blog post, CTI Chief Executive Dirk Vennix explains the Confederation's strategy for the coming months. 

Read the article here.

Confederation of Timber Industries Launches!

The new and inclusive Confederation of Timber Industries (CTI) launched to an enthusiastic audience at the Building Centre in London on 10 June.

The Industry has waited a long time to find a stronger representative voice to act as an umbrella organisation, representing the whole Timber supply chain from Forest to end of life, recycling and research.

"It will be a long journey but I am ready for this challenge", said Dirk Vennix, new CTI chief executive. "I will work hard to make wood a first choice product and expand our market", he added.