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AHEC launches website to show sustainability of American hardwoods

The American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC) has launched a new interactive platform called 'Grown in Seconds' to illustrate the sustainability of American hardwood.

Featuring extensive data gathered by the US Forest Service, the website shows how swiftly wood used for a variety of projects regrows naturally in American forests.

Supported by environmental consultants ThinkStep, AHEC aims to promote a better understanding of the true environmental benefits of using American hardwoods in design and manufacture. 

The platform, alongside the AHEC website, will provide environmentally concerned architects, developers and manufacturers useful information to help them select the most suitable materials for their projects.

In some instances the timber used in construction and design will have taken just seconds to grow such is the wealth of resource available. Examples shown on the site include a spectacular M.C. Esher-inspired staircase that would take just two minutes to replace, a design-savvy shed (a mere 14 seconds), a wooden workspace (five seconds), decking (25 seconds) and even a bespoke pencil sharpener (0.02 seconds).

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PEFC UK to sponsor Best Education Project at Structural Timber Awards 2016

PEFC UK will sponsor again the Best Education Project at the Structural Timber Awards 2016, to take place next October in BIrmingham.

The category celebrates a scheme that has used timber technology to create a vibrant learning space for students and staff including nurseries, schools, universities, colleges or facility catering for specialist needs.

The awarded project must prove that it has met its client’s and wider public sector expectations in providing a sustainable, energy efficient and cost-effective contemporary building.

The submission deadline for entries is Tuesday 31 May 2016.

'Growing the pie for US hardwood', AHEC reveals global strategy

The American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC) has defined its global strategy. The target is to “grow the pie” in overseas markets for US hardwood exporters, strengthening the past year positive trend.

The strategy will be developed through 4 key milestones: - Seek out new markets for hardwood products; - Promote new uses and applications within existing markets; - Continue to extoll environmental credentials; - Create Networking Opportunities for US Exporters.

International promotion is vital for the US Hardwood Industry considering that nearly 50% of graded US hardwood lumber production is exported. Moreover, the US is by far the world’s largest exporter of hardwood lumber, accounting for nearly one-quarter of all global trade.

"For the US hardwood industry, 'globalization' is much more than just an abstract concept; it is a concrete reality that influences business decisions on a daily basis", explained AHEC Executive Director Mike Snow.

"It has now become clear that much of the increased demand for hardwood products —including finished products— is coming from outside the US, especially in the rapidly growing economies of Asia", Mr Snow added. "In terms of promotion, therefore, it is very important that our industry recognize and target not only the high-volume re-export manufacturing sectors of today and tomorrow (the search for the “next China”), but we must also identify new market opportunities and niches within well-established, so-called “mature” markets such as the EU."

Further information is avaliable on AHEC blog.

RADIX Tree, a new online platform for PEFC certificate holders

PEFC has launched RADIX Tree, a new voluntary service designed for PEFC certificate holders.

Run by Global Traceability Service, RADIX Tree is designed to reduce the time spent manually checking supplier certification claims and preparing for annual audit.

The platform offers up-to-date PEFC certification information 24/7 and allows to check the entire supply chain for each product at a glance. 

RADIX Tree can also help to demonstrate EUTR compliance. For businesses placing timber products on the European market, this tool can be used to report the tree species, for example, to clients as required by the European Timber Regulation and PEFC Chain of Custody certification standard.

For further information email [email protected].

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ETTF launches new website on international timber trade

The European Timber Trade Federation (ETTF) has launched its new website ‘Gateway to international Timber Trade’ (www.timbertradeportal. com).

International timber traders can now find information on forestry, legal timber trade, country requirements and export from timber producing countries. The overall objective is to enhance and facilitate legal trade in tropical timber.

The construction of the website has been supported by the International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO) and European Sustainable Tropical Timber Coalition (EU STTC). Information on industry and legality has been gathered from several available sources, such as the FAO and ITTO databases, and data from ITC / Tradecom. Form international, a Dutch consultancy firm specialised in forest and plantation management and certification, is in charge for the coordination and compilation of country profiles. 

Visitors of the website are invited to add information or share their experience, using the review button on the country profiles. Also, Form international can be contacted directly at [email protected].