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'Brexit could cause dramatic shortage of skilled Construction workers', Homebuilders warn

The Home Builders Federation (HBF) has recently expressed its concerns about the risk of the UK leaving the European Union.

UK Construction Industry strongly relies on overseas labour due to the endemic skills gap in the sector. In this context - the HBF said - Brexit could cause a dangerous shortage of skilled workers, capable to constrain investment in new house building work and further worsen UK housing scarcity.

“Whilst the industry is recruiting heavily and training thousands of young people it does currently rely on skilled labour from abroad," the Home Builders Federation told Inside Housing magazine.

“If it is to maintain the significant increases in output of the past two years it is imperative it has access to an adequate supply of labour. In the event of us leaving we would certainly be pushing government hard for guarantees that sufficient skilled foreign labour would be accessible.”


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Barratt Homes plans to expand timber frame houses offer

Barratt Homes, one of Britain’s leading house builders, is seeking to increase efficiency of housing delivery through greater use of timber frame.

In the announcement of half-yearly results for the six months ended 31st December 2015, Chief Executive David Thomas said: “Whilst we have seen an increase in the supply of skilled subcontractors over the past year, there remains an industry shortage in the UK, with increases in labour costs remaining the largest driver of overall build cost inflation. We are well placed with the necessary labour to meet our operational and quality requirements. We are also seeking to increase efficiency through the use of timber frame on around 6% of our plots during FY16 and through the use of alternative off-site manufacturing options, including closed panel roof solutions.”

For more information click here [see page 6 of the financial results].


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