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FSC launches 2016 Global Market Survey

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is calling on certificate holders and trademark service licence holders to participate in its 2016 Global Market Survey.

The consultation - to close on 28 September 2016 - aims to improve the understanding of market needs and help in planning FSC strategic work.

Respondents have also the opportunity to participate in a prize draw to win free advertisement space on FSC Marketplace. The winners will be announced on the FSC International website. 

All FSC certificate holders and trademark service licence holders who provided valid contact details should have received the survey invitations by 1 September 2016. If not, they can contact the local certification body or trademark service provider. T

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Tree planting: Woodland Trust ready to deliver 4,750 'tree packs' to schools and communities

More than 4,700 Woodland Trust tree packs are now available - at no cost - for schools and communities across the UK.

Applications are accepted all year round but trees can only be delivered in March and November. "This is when young trees are dormant, so it’s the perfect time to plant", explains the Woodland Trust.

This is the reason why applications for November delivery will close in few days, on 9 September 2016.

The initiative, funded by Defra, Sainsbury’s, IKEA FAMILY, players of People’s Postcode Lottery and Yorkshire Tea, aims to encourage local wildlife, protect British landscape against tree disease and create new wooded areas.

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Boosting conifer seed production will benefit woodland wildlife, says Forestry Commission

The Forestry Commission has published a new Research Note aiming to help managers and planners of conifer woods to assess the seed resources in their woods and manage them in ways which maximise the quantity and continuity of seed production.

Entitled ‘Understanding the provision of conifer seed for woodland species’, the publication shows that planting a variety of species ensures a diverse age structure in the forest and thinning.

Co-author Alice Broome, from Forest Research, said: “Conifer seed provides an important food resource for many woodland birds and small mammals, including some of Britain’s rarest species.

“However, quantity and continuity of seed supply are not guaranteed, because cone and seed crops fluctuate annually, they vary from species to species, and seed availability is affected by climate, species and tree age.

“This Research Note explains how woodland managers can influence continuity and quantity to maximise the food resource for wildlife, and the length of the periods it is available.”

The publication is downloadable as a PDF document on the Forestry Commission website.


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BMF opens first Regional Centre of Excellence in Nottingham

The Builders Merchants Federation (BMF) has opened its first Regional Centre of Excellence as part of a localisation programme designed to strengthen the organisation’s regional presence and add to the support it offers members in their geographic area.

The BMF will establish up to 24 Centres of Excellence, two in each of its twelve regions, in the coming months.

The first Centre of Excellence is at The Green Energy Centre at John A Stephens in Nottingham. Opened just ten years ago, the £2m centre will be used as a regional hub and centre for BMF training in the East Midlands.  As such it will host regional meetings and forums as well as training courses for members in that area.

The BMF will be run its first Regional Training Programme, comprising three different training courses, at the Green Energy Centre In November. The next East Midlands Regional Meeting will also be held there.

Sites for BMF Centres of Excellence have already been identified in Scotland, Northern Ireland, North West, Eastern, South West and West Midland Regions.  Details of these will be announced at Members Day on 21st September.

Commenting on the new initiative, BMF MD, John Newcomb said: “We have been working with members to identify appropriate spaces as regional hubs where local groups can come together for meetings and training.  The Green Energy Centre is a superb example and I’m sure it will play an important role in servicing the needs of our members in the East Midlands.”

Mr Newcomb added: "Localisation is an important strategy for the BMF going forward. With a network of Regional Centres of Excellence alongside our enhanced Regional Management team we are in an excellent position to engage with our growing membership on their home ground.” 


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Paper mills can't afford the cost of recycled material contamination, CPI claims

The Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) has issued a note commenting the increase in recycled material rejections from local authority collections.

Simon Weston, CPI's Director of Raw Materials, said: "Reports of higher reject rates from recycled materials partially reflects a growing impatience amongst paper mills that cannot afford to pick up the cost of contamination. Increasing energy, water, sorting and waste disposal costs have focused reprocessors on the impact of poor quality, which can increase the cost of raw material by up to three times by the time it has been processed."

Mr Weston added: “The paper industry favours a clear and consistent approach to collection, such as that being advocated by WRAP, which would provide clarity and simplicity for councils and the public. It also believes that the increasing use of comingled collection has contributed to confusion because it encourages the idea that “anything goes” in the recycling bin, rather than forcing the public to focus on the specifics of what they are doing.”


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