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BRE Research Director Ed Suttie heads to North Pole to raise funds for charity

The whole UK Timber Industry is following with interest Ed Sutties's trek to the North Pole using just skis, sledges and tents.

Scientist and Research Director at BRE (Building Research Establishment), Ed has joined a small team making the 230 km journey from 88° to 90° North to reach the official North Pole.

But it's not only the taste for adventure to guide him. In fact this enterprise is helping Ed to raise money for 4 key charities: Cancer Research UKRennie Grove House Hospice, Earthworks St Albans and UK Antarctic Heritage Trust.

"I am completely self-funding my trip and every penny of every donation that I receive is going straight to help these really worthy causes", Ed said some days before his departure.

"I have had a fantastic support from the timber industry. Thanks to your help I have been able to smash my original target of £30,000 for charity and uplift it to £45,000." 

Ed is delivering daily updates directly from his tent with situation reports, texts and images.

To follow his adventure and support the cause, visit and check Ed's Facebook page Ed2NorthPole/.


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New informative Manual on wood products released by Snows Timber

Snows Timber, one of UK's leading importers, distributors and processors of wood products, has recently released an informative Timber Manual.

The catalogue is intended to raise awareness of wood products qualities and uses providing information both for sector operators and members of the public.

“We wanted our Snows Timber Manual to be an enjoyable and informative read, as well as a reference point for product queries”, said Mark Bowers, Snows’ Commercial Director.

“Timber is a fascinating business and we hope to open up some of the history and science of our world to interest our merchant customers. We’ve also included sales advice for merchants, and other information to give anyone wanting to learn more about timber products both encouragement and useful background to the products they sell”, Mr. Bowers added.

The Manual can be downloaded here.