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PEFC - FSC: new guide explains differences and similarities

The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), has recently published a new brochure, ‘Promoting Sustainable Forest Management around the World: PEFC & FSC’, which aims to answer some of the most  frequently asked questions about the differences and similarities between PEFC’s sustainable forest management certification system, and The Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC™) programme.

The new publication - available online here - explains the origins of both certification systems, how they came into being, and also helps to clearly explain each of the standards and their definitions.

At the same time the brochure also represents a useful resource tool for certified companies. Both global sustainable forest management certification systems share the same goals of ensuring that forests are managed in line with challenging environmental, social and economic requirements – balancing people, planet and profit.

Worldwide more than 260 million hectares of forests are PEFC certified. The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification supplies more than 16,000 Chain of Custody certified companies with responsibly sourced timber and wood products, such as those used in producing fibre-based paper products such as packaging.

Regarding FSC, in March 2016 the organisation reached the milestone of 30,000 certificates supplied across the timber supply chain. All over the world, around 50,000 independent companies and organizations are estimated to buy, manufacture, trade or sell FSC-certified material and products.

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ICF launches video to encourage young people to choose Forestry careers

'Forestry Careers in 60 seconds'

The Institute of Chartered Foresters (ICF) and the Forestry Commission Scotland (FCS) have produced a video - 'Forestry careers in 60 seconds' - aiming to show young people the diversity of roles within the UK Forestry sector.

In just 60 seconds, the video showcases several outstanding career paths: from forest management and timber processing to research and ecosystem preservation.

“The old image of foresters as bearded men with chainsaws is so out of step with modern forestry professionals. We want to show that whatever your gender, whether you’re an outdoor or indoor type, business or science-orientated – there is a role in the forestry sector to suit you", said Shireen Chambers FICFor, ICF Executive Director.

"Some may have preconceived ideas about the kind of people that ‘do forestry’ but the reality is that great jobs and careers are available, and the sector needs a wide range of people to join in, so we can make the most of this green, growing business", Jo O’Hara MICFor, Head of Forestry Commission Scotland, added.

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Confor highlights benefits of sustainably managed forests in a short film

'Animating Forestry'

Confor has released a new short animated film demonstrating the link between tree planting and the wood products we take for granted in our lives.

The video underlines opportunities and benefits of sustainably-managed forests both for the economy and the environment.

"Next time you pick up a product made of wood, stop and consider where it comes from", that is Confor's key message to consumers.

Watch Confor's 'Our forests, our people' video here.

European Forest Industries welcome UN International Day of Forests

The European forest owners, managers, forest industry and professionals - represented by CEPF, Copa-Cogeca, ELO, EUSTAFOR, CEI-Bois, CEPI, FECOF, UEF and USSE - have welcomed the International Day of Forests established by the UN General Assembly for today 21 March.

According to the representatives of the European forest sector, EU needs to better communicate the strong link between forests and water: "Forests have a close relationship to our water resources and sustainable forest management is of crucial importance for ensuring a multitude of water-related benefits."

The above-mentioned forest industry organisations also highlight how European forests enable access to this vital resource: "Forested watersheds and wetlands supply 75 percent of the world’s accessible fresh water for domestic, agricultural, industrial and ecological needs. Forests influence the amount of available water and regulate surface and groundwater flows while maintaining highest water quality. Forests reduce the effects of floodings, and prevent and reduce dryland salinity and desertification. Forests act as natural water filters, minimizing soil erosion on site and reduce sediment in water bodies."

Another key point to underline is the impact that climate change has on water and the role of forests. "Climate change is one of the major challenges facing today’s society. The impacts of climate change are an imminent threat to water security, and forests themselves are vulnerable to climate change. An increased frequency of extreme weather events has an impact on both forests and water, and may result in more catastrophic events like landslides, floods and droughts", the representatives of the European forest sector write.

"Europe’s forest sector is at the forefront of combatting climate change by contributing to both climate change mitigation and adaptation. Active forest management is crucial to enhance forests adaptive capacity, making them more resilient to meet a changing climate and maintaining the vital water-related services provided by forests."


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Forestry Commission invites businesses to take part in timber industry surveys

The Forestry Commission has been encouraging businesses across the forest and timber industries to take part in three annual statistical surveys by Monday 21 March 2016.

The collected data will help the Forestry Commission to compile the provisional figures to be published in May. 

The three surveys focus on: - Private Sector Softwood Removals; Sawmills; Round Fencing Manufacturers.

The consultation can be completed online at Alternatively it's possible to contact the Forestry Commission at [email protected] to receive an electronic copy.


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