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Timbeter develops new app to measure and track logs

Estonian company Timbeter has recently launched a device application that permits users to measure logs quickly and accurately.

The key benefits of Timbeter solution stand in the increased level of measurement accuracy (measurement error ratio is dropping from current 4-5% to 1-1.5% for each timber lot), remarkably quicker measurement and data management process (from 45-60 minutes to 4-5 minutes), grown efficiency (the process of measurement, data entry and development of reports is executed by one person instead of current 2-3 persons).

"As the results of all measurements are digitally recorded by the system (including the picture taken of a pile), Timbeter is about to bring traceability and transparency to measurement processes, promoting competitive, fair and sustainable forest management", explain the app developers.

Timbeter has 3 measuring options: diameter recognition (log-by-log measurement); truckloads measurement and pile measurement. All the measurements are stored in the storage module that offers an up-to-date overview of the raw-material and informative input for production decisions, enabling efficient supply-chain management.

In the storage module customers can customize the assortments, prices and generate measurement reports, supporting quick and efficient reporting between the companies. 

Timbeter can also be integrated with internal systems of the company, like CRM, bookkeeping, payroll or ERP.

Further information is available here.


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Archwood Group appoints Tony Miles as new Chief Executive

CTI Director Tony Miles has been appointed new Chief Executive of The Archwood Group with effect from February 1st 2017. 

Tony Miles joins Archwood from International Timber, a subsidiary of Saint-Gobain Building Distribution, where he has been Managing Director since 2007, having initially joined the group in 1979, where he and his team were responsible for achieving sustained growth.

A well-known figure in the UK timber and wood products industry, Mr Miles has worked in this sector for his entire career.  He is a past president of the North West Timber Trade Association and is currently a board member of the Confederation of Timber Industries. 

Archwood Group Executive Chairman, Marcus Moir, said: “We are delighted to have attracted someone with Tony's outstanding qualities as our next CEO.  His depth and breadth of industry experience and many years of commercial and business leadership will play a vital part in forging the next chapter in our growth and development.”

Tony Miles commented: “I was drawn to Archwood initially because of the first class and long standing reputation of its brands in the timber products market.  This is a great opportunity to lead the business and further develop both the people and the company’s portfolio of products and brands in the coming years.

The Archwood Group is based in Chester and includes timber manufacturers and distributors like Richard Burbidge, Atkinson & Kirby and Masons Timber Products.


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Centre for Wood Science and Technology launches Timber Species Survey

The Centre for Wood Science and Technology at Edinburgh Napier University has launched a survey to gather timber industry’s knowledge and experience of working with different timber species.

The consultation - accessible online here  until 1 March 2017 - will help Edinburgh Napier University shape its research and deliver informed advice for new planting.

"Sitka spruce looks set to continue as the main commercial species in the British Isles. That said, there are reasons to consider other species for wider planting to better serve the aims of modern multipurpose forestry – not least a better resilience of the forest (and timber supply) to pests, diseases and climate change", explained Dr Dan Ridley-Ellis, Head of the Centre for Wood Science and Technology.

"Nonetheless, there is also a desire to bring species that are present in the forest, but not currently managed, into the supply chain. There are a number of “minor” species which could be candidates but little is known about the mechanical properties of these when grown in the British Isles, their suitability for different markets, and their suitability for industrial processing."

"There is a great deal of very valuable information within the forestry and sawmill industries gained from years of experience of working with different species. As part of our SIRT (Strategic Integrated Research in Timber) work plan it was agreed to undertake a survey asking the people working within the sawmill industry of their experience and knowledge of processing and marketing timber from these less common forest species", added Dr Ridley-Ellis.

A printable copy of the survey can be downloaded here, filled in manually and returned to [email protected]. Anonymised results will be published on the blog website and in a press release.

Further information is available at and here.


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Snows Timber joins WWF Sustainable Wood Sourcing Campaign

Snows Timber, one of UK’s largest timber importers and distributors, has joined colleagues across the timber Industry, including the Timber Trade Federation, in signing the WWF UK Forests Campaign Pledge, to source all wood legally and sustainably by 2020.

Snows Timber's wood purchasing already stands at 99% from certified sources and the company is actively working to change the final 1%.

“Having been one of the pioneers taking up timber chain of custody certification many years ago, signing the WWF-UK Forests Pledge helps us to further focus on increasing own sustainability and to also provide a greater service to our customers,” says Snows’ Product Director Mark Bowers.

Snows Timber will also distribute postcards promoting the WWF Forests Pledge to merchants at the Builders Merchants Federation’s members’ day (20-21 September 2016) and beyond.


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Illegal logging: China makes progress towards national Timber Legality Verification Scheme

The Illegal logging update and stakeholder consultation meeting held by Chatham House on 16-17 June provided an interesting overview on the developments of China Timber Legality Verification Scheme (CLTVS).

The Chinese delegation - composed by Chen Shaozhi from the Research Institute of Forestry Policy and Information at Chinese Academy of Forestry and Xu Bin, from Research Institute of Forestry Policy and Information at Chinese Academy of Forestry - explained background, progresses and impact of CTVLS in China.

The CTLVS is a government-led, voluntary and DD-based scheme, aimed to combat illegal logging, regulate timber products production in China and meet the global timber legality requirements. Through the scheme, China intends to "effectively and easily operating system to help the business trace and manage their supply chains for timber legality."

Main findings of the presentations include:

  • China has launched CTLVS standard piloting tests to verify quality managements requirements, information access, risk evaluation and risk mitigation tools
  • The preliminary five piloting tests have shown an improved understanding of legality among pilot companies and better capacity to exercise due diligence and legality
  • China is exploring mutual recognition mechanism through bi & multilateral dialogues with a wide range of trade partners (i.e. China's initiative on MRM in APEC EGLAT meeting in Qingao, 2014 or APEC legality guide).
  • CTLVS has gained increasing attentions from Chinese industry associations, CBs, CSOs and businesses. In particular CNFPIA and other associations have strong willingness to promote and implement CTLVS among their members, while a number of export-oriented companies, particularly SMEs, has casted concerns on the impact of the legality verification scheme

China is one of the world’s largest importers, consumers and exporters of wood-based products. According to the Illegal Logging portal, "the country’s demand for timber doubled over the period 2000-12, to supply both domestic and export markets, and this demand has been met increasingly by imports. In 2013, over 15% of imports of wood-based products were estimated to be illegal."

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