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TRADA launches its third National Student Design Competition

TRADA, through its successful University Engagement Programme (UEP), has set its third National Student Design Competition – dubbed Arboreal for 2016.

The challenge will see students tasked with designing a brand new flagship timber structure for Arboreal, at the Sylva Wood Centre in south Oxfordshire.

The design brief includes creating a new two-storey timber structure to serve as a multi use building, housing offices, seminar space, exhibition space and a field laboratory.

The competitors need to reflect the ethos and vision of the charity. At the same time, they’ll need to incorporate cutting-edge materials and technologies throughout to act as inspiration to visitors and users and create a sustainable building both with the materials they propose and long term usage of the new building.

The deadline to join the competition is Friday 11th March 2016

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New PABIAC Industry Strategy for CPI

On Tuesday 30 June, Judith Hackitt, CBE, Chair, Health and Safety Executive (HSE) for CPI, launched the new Paper and Board Industry Advisory Committee (PABIAC) Industry Strategy at CPI’s Biennial Health Safety Conference. Two hundred and fifty delegates from across the UK Paper Industry attended the event.

"CPI is delighted with the level of support from industry and this year’s record attendance is testament to the importance of health and safety to the industry", said Andrew Braund, CPI Director of Health and Safety.

Judith Hackitt emphasised that "health and safety is not about bureaucracy, it is not about what looks good on paper, it is about identifying the real health and safety risks that the Paper Industry faces". The challenge of these issues is to “aim to achieve lasting sustainable improvement", Hackitt added.

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Structural Timber Awards 2015 shortlist announced

The Structural Timber Awards 2015 shortlist has just been announced. Featuring over 160 entries across 14 categories, this year's awards offer several outstanding, innovative projects and products.

The winners will be declared at the dinner taking place on Tuesday 06 October 2015 at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC), Birmingham during the UK Construction Week

For the short list click here.

Furniture industry still optimistic but fall in gross profit margins, BFM survey warns

The British Furniture Manufacturers (BFM) has published its latest state of trade survey along with its annual survey of financial ratios.

According to the report, "the industry continues to feel optimistic about the general business situation despite lower output levels and fewer new orders that were initially hoped for in February this year, when the last survey was undertaken". 

The BFM underlines that more companies "are still reporting increases in raw material costs that those reporting falls, although the gap is closing and the inference is that for many products costs are at least stabilising or falling".

"Export performance was disappointing showing the worst performance for over 2 years in terms of the number of companies reporting sales overseas", the survey warns. "Gross profit margins have declined which infers that more money is being spent on direct labour and/or materials than can be recovered through price increases.". 

More details on BFM website.

UK infrastructure and transport policies need to evolve, FTA report claims

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has released its 2015 Logistics Report featuring analysis of the transport and logistics industry over the last 12 months.

The annual report shows a "mixed outlook for the global economy, with world events, more sluggish growth and falling demand for oil and other commodities reducing expectations".

"Our members tell us that business confidence is lower, beyond the short-term, as uncertainty over future economic policies and the impact of the Euro Zone are, once more, causes of concern", FTA chief executive David Wells underlined.

"The new Government will have to make significant decisions – and quickly – over our infrastructure and transport policies; FTA is ready to inform that process", he added. "Our message to Government is: ignore the needs of logistics at your peril. From the factory floor to the kitchen table, it is logistics that will deliver sustainable growth".

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