Nexus CIFS

Formed in 2000 and well-known across the Timber Industry for its support to many timber businesses, Credit Indemnity & Financial Services (CIFS) is now one of the UK’s leading on-line underwriting agencie. It can count on a growing market share in UK trade credit insurance and a reputation for superior underwriting.

The company supplies a portfolio of flexible trade credit insurance policies and a range of carefully constructed products designed to enhance policyholders’ credit management procedures.

The CIFS team is a highly-professional unit with extensive experience of the UK credit insurance sector. It’s backed by high-level input from leading business academics.

In addition, the company has a reputation for both flexibility in adapting cover to prevailing market conditions as well as for effective product innovation. CIFS pioneered online credit decisions and through selected business partners has developed ground-breaking credit report and collection services. Now, the company’s on-line system has been enhanced with a new First Limit capability for trading within the discretionary limit.

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Nexus CIFS has just launched an innovative marketing tool called 'First Select', particularly useful for dynamic and busy companies. The new instrument is designed to help clients identify credit approved sales leads based on their search criteria. The database allows clients to tailor their search and delivers an instantaneous list of company and contact names to match the chosen profile.

'First Select' features include: 

- Cost effective marketing tool with upfront licence fee and data bundles included.

- Pre-qualified data which automatically eliminates companies that fail our credit scorecard.

- On line access, the data search is fully tailorable to your requirements and the data is easily downloadable.

- Comprehensive contact details including names of directors, email addresses, telephone numbers and company addresses.

- Company report available with even more information about your target companies.

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It is also possible to contact Nexus CIFS at or 020 3693 9385.